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We know the attorney tropes, but we’d like to set the record straight. Wilson Sonsini is both a law firm and a technology company. Through our tech-enabled processes, we empower our founders with digital and remote-friendly legal products.

Through our proprietary tools, working with your legal team will be simple. Regardless of your funding status, we’re here to guide you towards the services you need at a cost that will not delay the growth of your business.

Wilson Sonsini’s Legal Technology Ecosystem

Wilson Sonsini Technology Initiatives


SixFifty is a software subsidiary backed by Wilson Sonsini. SixFifty builds automated tools that make top-tier legal products affordable for organizations of all sizes. SixFifty operates in tandem with Wilson Sonsini attorneys, providing companies with the perfect blend of automation and human expertise.


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Through our market-leading Entrepreneurs Report, Wilson Sonsini champions analyzing and aggregating data to benefit the start-up ecosystem. Our teams apply knowledge and data going back to the start of modern Silicon Valley for advising our clients today.

Quarterly Entrepreneurs Report

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