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Introducing Neuron, a new platform that streamlines, automates, and digitizes the typical legal processes along a startup’s journey - from incorporation to exit.

Our firm has been synonymous with innovation since the founding of Silicon Valley. Once again, we are disrupting the industry by combining our expertise with digital automation to bring you a new breed of technology-enabled legal services.

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Single Source For All Legal Documentation
Direct Collaboration With Your Legal Team
Real-Time Cap Table Data Through Shareworks API

What Our Clients
Are Saying

Neuron allowed me to create an employee offer in about 5 minutes with my attorney in the loop to review terms and help with bespoke edits, and we were able to sign the documents only a few hours later, instead of a few days

-Stealth Start-up

The commenting feature is great. I could ask questions and get immediate responses from my legal team

-Stealth Start-up

We recently invested in a company built on Neuron, and it was impressive that the platform enabled the company to incorporate significantly faster with greater efficiency. It's great to see Wilson Sonsini invest in a world class technology platform and continue to reinvent how they serve start-ups

-Venture Capital Partner

Everything is done on the cloud now, so the idea I could upload all my relevant information without talking to anyone to get legal work done was a huge time-saver for me

-Stealth Start-up

To be able to access all of my legal documents whenever I want is incredibly helpful and has saved us valuable time

-Stealth Start-up

Wilson Sonsini Technology Initiatives


SixFifty is a software subsidiary backed by Wilson Sonsini. SixFifty builds automated tools that make top-tier legal products affordable for organizations of all sizes. SixFifty operates in tandem with Wilson Sonsini attorneys, providing companies with the perfect blend of automation and human expertise.


Visit Sixfifty.com

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