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SynBioBeta 2024: The Global Synthetic Biology Conference

Wilson Sonsini is proud to sponsor SynBioBeta 2024: The Global Synthetic Biology Conference, where biology becomes the blueprint and human innovation, the artisan. Join us for an unparalleled four-day summit delving into synthetic biology. Explore why the costs of reading, writing, and editing DNA plummet while speed and accessibility soar. Gain insights into cutting-edge medical advancements such as cell therapies, vaccines, and living medicines. Discover how companies harness biology to produce bio-based jet fuel, textiles, concrete, and other chemicals and materials. Engage with trailblazing entrepreneurs crafting innovative foods, crops, and fragrances. Join us to see the potential applications of these technologies in shaping sustainable manufacturing ecosystems.

On Tuesday, May 7th at 1:45pm partner Ian Edvalson will be moderating the panel discussion, Next Frontiers in Nucleic Acid Medicines, and Protein Folding: Unleashing a New Class of Therapeutics, with fellow panelists Raik Grünberg, Research Scientist at KAUST; Chris Gregg, CSO at Gro Biosciences; Taleen Afeyan, Senior Director of Strategy & Operations at Alltrna; Bharath Takulapalli, Founder & CEO of SPOC Proteomics; and Dominique Verhelle, CEO, at Nextrna.    

On Wednesday, May 8th at 1:45pm partner Maya Skubatch will be speaking in a panel presentation, The Arc of Innovation in Generative Protein Design. The promise of generative protein design extends beyond scientific and technological advancements, reaching into the realms of personalized medicine, global health, sustainability, and innovation. As research in this field progresses, it has the potential to reshape our approach to healthcare and biotechnology, offering solutions to challenges that were once considered insurmountable. Anything from enzyme generation to de novo binders to protein logic gates, the promise of in silico structure and function has caught hold. This session will talk about the promise and nuances of advancement in the field.

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May 6, 2024 Sunday 5 PM - 5 PM PT