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LaunchBio Larger Than Life Science: Closing the Deal, Bypassing Roadblocks and Minimizing Fundraising Delays

Wilson Sonsini is pleased to support LaunchBio’s Larger Than Life Science series session, Closing the Deal, Bypassing Roadblocks and Minimizing Fundraising Delays. It takes many no’s to get to a yes. Catching the attention of a possible funding source feels like a victory. But don’t pop that cork just yet! Once a funder takes interest, there is a long road ahead managing the due diligence process. Be it an investor, sponsor, government/private grantor, or even advisors, all conduct some level of due diligence on a startup that they are looking to fund and support. Knowing how to prepare in advance for technical vetting and corporate due diligence shortens the road to the finish line–and brings in funding faster. Delays in this process can have dire consequences as start-ups risk running out of cash before closing the next deal. Join this session to explore strategies for bypassing roadblocks and minimizing delays in the due diligence process.

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May 10, 2022 Monday 5 PM PT