Wilson Sonsini - ECP

Craig Sherman

Partner, Seattle

Getting To Know Me

  • Q: Why do you like working with early stage companies?
    I love the passion and drive of the entrepreneurs who come up with innovative ideas and make so many sacrifices to make those dreams real
  • Q: Best advice you have for an entrepreneur?
    Know your investors and know your team. Startups succeed and fail not because a product doesn't work but because the team can't work together
  • Q: What was your most memorable travel experience?
    Now that our kids are grown up, my wife and I travel as much around the world as we possibly can. Some of our most memorable trips have been to former republics of the Soviet Union, to see how the dramatic changes that democracy and self-rule have brought to those who fought for freedom and independence
  • Q: If you weren't an attorney, what would you like to be?
    If I weren't an attorney, I would be working with an international non-governmental organization to promote transparency and fight corruption