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LaunchBio Larger Than Life Science: Funding Now, Market Trends in 2022

Wilson Sonsini is pleased to support LaunchBio’s Larger Than Life Science session, Funding Now, Market Trends in 2022. Life science companies face tougher market conditions than seen in recent years. In Q1, VC investments and IPO activity were down, and due diligence is taking longer. Many offerings have been put on hold as startups, investors and banks navigate this dramatic market shift. The first portion of this session will offer expert analysis of the current market environment for public and private life science companies, the outlook for the next 12 months, and financing options for IPO-ready startups.

Startups do have options when it comes to funding sources—and timing is key. Non-dilutive funding sources can supplement financing as a company progresses through stages of growth and can help lengthen the runway between venture rounds in today’s challenging market climate. Part two of this event features a team of funding professionals providing advice on the right time to engage and key elements to develop a cohesive early-stage funding strategy to leverage both non-dilutive and venture financing sources together to conserve capital and make it to your next milestone!

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July 20, 2022 Tuesday 5 PM PT

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